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Is Your AC Failing?

When your car’s HVAC system begins to fail, it’s noticeable in the heat and humidity of Florida. At Edgewood Services & Tires, we provide complete auto AC repair and maintenance services for all makes and models in the greater Orlando, FL, area. How do you know if your cooling system is on the fritz? Turning on your AC system in mid-summer and feeling like a turkey roasting at Thanksgiving is the most obvious sign. When your AC blows warm/hot air, that’s your car telling you it’s time for auto AC repair services at Edgewood Services & Tires. Our expert mechanics warn that refrigerant leaks and a whining or loud noise when turning on the AC can also signal trouble. Look out for these signs and contact our team if you experience a problem. Count on our trained, certified technicians to quickly spot the issue and fix it to restore the safety and comfort of your vehicle. To sidestep bigger trouble, come in to recharge your air conditioning system every two years and schedule routine car AC service. Early detection of leaks or damage will save you time and money and give you peace of mind.