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Tires connect you to the road providing traction and control regardless of weather or terrain. Properly inflated tires with ample tread keep you safe and offer better gas mileage, saving you money. Here’s the bad news, tires won’t last the lifespan of your vehicle. At Edgewood Services & Tires, tire service is part of our routine maintenance services designed to keep you safe and extend the life of your vehicle. Regarding tire sales, we’re here to help motorists in Orlando, FL, select the perfect tire for their vehicle. Tire damage such as low tread depth, cracked tires, bubbles, or a nail in the sidewall will require replacement. Not sure what tire your vehicle needs? Our mechanics have the answer. Things like a vehicle, tire size, driving style, and vehicle use all factor into our experts recommending the perfect tire for your car, truck, or SUV. For city driving, an OE or touring tire is ideal in Florida, while truck owners may opt for an all-terrain tire to navigate the road ahead. From performance tires to off-road, we carry most major brands, including Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, and Goodyear. Our shop has industry-approved equipment for proper dismounting, mounting, and tire balancing. For tire service and sales, you can trust, look to the team at Edgewood Services & Tires. We didn’t put the word tire in our name by accident.